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Coming soon a report and photos of the 2010 French visit.
French Friends
All of our friends in Longue-Jumelles welcome English visitors with great enthusiasm and hospitality. Many long-term friendships have built up over the years and there have even been one or two marriages. It is not until you have lived with a French family that you appreciate and come to love the French way of life.
The Church at Longue
There are some members of the Association who can hardly speak a word of French. There are others who are quite fluent in the language. The majority lie in between, trying to recall the language learned at school, or maybe attending one of the local classes. All those involved in exchanges soon find a level of "franglais" with which they can communicate with their new and old friends. A pocket dictionary is always a useful help. For many English people, each visit is a valuable opportunity to improve their language skills.
French Visit To Calverton
This usually takes place on alternate years in May. Our visitors arrive on Wednesday evening by coach and depart in the early hours of Sunday Morning. A full programme of events and visits is arranged, and planned to fit in with any host family who has to work during the week. The highlight of the visit is the Dinner and Dance.
English Visit to Longue
This occurs on alternate years in May. Again, a full programme of events is arranged by our French friends, our coach departing on the 26th of May, a Monday morning to arrive home on the following Saturday.
The Future
What are we looking for?
We are always seeking new members who share our ideas of international friendship and would welcome people of all ages to join us.
We Meet:
On the third Thursday of each month at 8pm at the Parish Council Rooms, St. Wilfrids School, Calverton.